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NiNi Harris
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Your guide through the history of the Gateway City.
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NiNi Harris
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         NiNi Harris's latest book,
              Oldest St. Louis.

          rom the little-known Polish butcher 
shop in North City to iconic landmarks like 
the Old Cathedral, Oldest St. Louis explores 
the history of St. Louis through an in-depth 
look at its oldest buildings, streets, and 
businesses. The stories of the oldest movie house, library, bowling alley, family-owned bar, and prayer vigil reflect the evolution of St. Louis, its character, and its ethnic heritage.
     Let local author and historian NiNi Harris become your guide on a sensory tour of St. Louis. Taste the crunchy oatmeal cookies made in the same Dutchtown neighborhood shop for 82 years. Take in the fragrance of the 138-year-old Greenhouse and the beauty of St. Louis’s 184-year-old Lafayette Park. Don’t miss the space-age design of South County Mall or the secret cherry Coke recipe in St. Ann.
     Whether it’s a new look at an old favorite or a nostalgic look at recent history, Oldest St. Louis is your passport to a brand new appreciation of St. Louis.