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Interview with NiNi Harris!
    On 11 September 2019, NiNi Harris was     interviewed by KMOV/Channel 4's Ray Preston     for the series St. Louis Proud. See the     interview here and become informed     about BRICK!
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Excerpt from "Local author NiNi Harris shows passion for the city in 'Downtown St. Louis'"  by Alex Siegman:

Aided by Harris’ firsthand experience with both the static and fluid nature of downtown St. Louis, the book tells the story of a metropolitan hub that maintained its nature amidst drastic changes in its population and industry.

“Here is this fabulous, constantly evolving, changing downtown that is extraordinary to look at,” Harris said. “It has served all these different roles simultaneously of being a place for personal sagas and a great national saga.”

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Local author NiNi Harris shows passion for the city in 'Downtown St. Louis'

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